MT Frame Sligo

About Me

About Me

Stone scuptor master since 1982

Education in Restoration Venice 1982

Fine Art hons degree IT Sligo 2007 

My background is strongly arts and craft related with specialisation in restoration and documentation. I enjoy working with different materials. I have a good spatial understanding and my color sence is well developed. My concerns are developing ways of framing which will show longevity and will preserve the work of art.

This makes me a prime candidate for picture framing, as all profiles are taken from buildings. Very visible in the egg and dart fries of ancient buildings. I have a strong interest in proportions and light and shadow achieved by the right choice of profile use for the frame.

I will make sure, that your work of art will get the frame it needs to set it off against the randomly choosen frame. I will make your piece unique.

My choice of available materials is focused on sustainability of materials, I prefer to use environmentaly friendly surface treatment of profiles. Highes quality of mounting papers, if necessary Conservation pro quality is used for works on paper.

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