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At mtframesligo, you will find a great variety of picture frames, high-quality furniture and antique furniture, vintage jewellery for sale at high quality. I offer a range of products from gold necklaces to superior golf set and Dinette Bremshey, to silver handmade bangles along with many more items. You will get guild frames straight from the 19th-centurie's and original oak Windsor chairs at quite affordable prices. If something appeals to your eyes, then chances are that it’ll look amazing to others also. Prime look will make your room walls classy and gives you a feel of amazing comfort and originality.  You can even buy handmade antique jewelry pieces for the authentic feel and look.


Mtframesligo offers quality, authentic vintage jewelry and other products and believes in sharing the best knowledge possible with the customer. You will get to know about the different shapes in the frames from antique to quality and shop with full confidence. You will become familiar with these frames as well as frame buying procedure because I also provide helpful service to my customers if they are unsure in choosing the right frame for their home or office.

There are many reasons to love antique jewelry, but how do you know it's authentic? Here is some jewelry to shop for real antique jewelry. We have the perfect jewelry to fit your needs. Engagement rings, Wedding bands, and special occasion gifts. Vintage with a modern appeal. Explore our large collection of antiquity, superior Engagement Rings, and Jewellery.


Some artwork requires vintage or even antique framing. If you have an old oil painting it can look displaced in a new frame. I will help you to make your heirloom piece stand out and shine again. I can also offer to restore your piece to its former glory. High-quality frames and products are available on my site. For advice on framing and restoring, please contact me.