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vintage map of ireland

Vintage Map Of Ireland With Geographical Details

Jun 01, 2017  

Ireland is considered to be a small townland which means a land, geographically divided into a small area.

The system of townland originated from Gaelic time, and most of the townlands received names from the Gaelic origin.

antique map of ireland

Whereas, some names of the boundaries and townland is obtained from plantation divisions, Norman manors or from the surveys by the Ordnance Department.

History of antique map of Ireland

As per the Wikipedia, Ireland has approx. 60,000 townlands.

The source of mapping all the townlands and boundaries on the Ireland's island are the copyright papers from the Trinity College of Dublin.

In the websites of the townland, you will get all the vintage map of Ireland and its details.

What is the significance of townland boundaries?

A townland in Ireland means the minor divisions of the land in an authoritative way.

Which further assist in building blocks for top level units of administration, for example:

# The Ireland Republic as Electoral Divisions or Northern Ireland as Electoral Wards

# Baronies

# Civil Parishes

# Election Constituencies at local, State and European level

# Counties & Provinces to tune the OSM data

antique map of ireland

Advantages of having all the boundaries of the townland in the antique map of Ireland are:

# Addresses of the rural areas are accessible in geocoding

# The Genealogical searches are highly benefitted regarding, for those persons who are finding the background of the newcomer's family trees, centuries ago.

# There are no unreasonable fees for data searching to the people

# Everyone can see and utilize the census data

# Approx time for an average mapper for completing one map sheet

# Roughly, you can say to complete a single map with rectification as well as mapping.

# The approx time is an hour in a day, which will convert into a month.

The following is the breakup proportion:

# The data in the Open Street map takes nearly two weeks to review and then realigning of maps if roads are missing etc.

# Mapping of the townlands take two weeks

# Sheet rectification requires minimum three days

How to access vintage maps?

The Web as the best medium, you are accessible to all the inventory which helps in understanding the vintage map of Ireland.The reputed sites assist in connecting to the live database for searching an entire group of antique.

Maps, books, globes and prints for locating and buying items from the websites.

You will always get the dedicated support from the customer representatives.

In case you find difficulty in searching the antique or vintage maps of any geographical location.

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Geographical region of Ireland

In the ocean of North Atlantic, in the Northwestern Europe, an island is situated named as Ireland.

map of ireland

The islands' main features donated in the geography includes the central plains that are surrounded by the mountains at coastal sites.

According to the geology of Ireland, it is diverse in nature. Every geological period belongs to the individual rock building regions.

The 1.7 billion years oldest rock is located at Inishtrahull Island away from the Inishowen north coast. 

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